Caregiver support

Caregiver Support

When you're caring for a family member or friend, you need support too. We're here to help by providing access to your loved one's claims and coverage information when and where you need it.

Your family member or friend will need to give Humana permission to share their claims and coverage information with you. Once Humana has permission, you will be able to help them manage their healthcare by:

  • Calling Humana to get claims and coverage information by phone; or
  • Accessing their information online, 24/7, if you’re a Humana member with a MyHumana account.

Caregiver Resources

Caregiving for a friend or loved one is not always easy. There may be appointments to schedule, claims to look over, and you may need to help make important decisions. Humana has tools and resources available to help make giving care easier.

Caregiver Newsletter

Read Humana’s quarterly newsletter for family and friend caregivers, featuring tips and articles about caring for yourself and your loved ones.

Access plan information

Steps for caregivers

Please ask your loved one to complete and return this consent form:

Consent for Release of Protected Health Information

English Consent for Release of Protected Health Information (PDF 2.6MB)

Spanish Consent for Release of Protected Health Information (PDF 2.6 MB)

Once we've received the completed form, you’ll be able to access claims and coverage information over the phone, or if you're also a Humana member, access it online within our caregiver website MyHumana for Family and Friends.

Already have online access?

Share plan information

Steps for Medicare Advantage Members

You can share claims and coverage information with anyone you choose-your adult child, your partner, a sibling, even a close friend. We just need your permission before sharing it with the person you choose.

Giving permission to share coverage and claim information is easy and can be done one of two ways:

  1. For faster service, fill out the online consent form by signing into MyHumana. Go to Accounts & Settings, and click Give Access.


  2. Fill out and mail the paper form below:

    Consent for Release of Protected Health Information